:: welcome .. 2005 Activities

Welcome... activities.

2004 Activities

19-21 March –Messier Marathon 2004

The Spring Star Party to celebrate the spring equinox will be held at Saint-Barthélemy (AO). All the objects in the renowned catalogue will be on show.

March – April – Course in Astronomy held at Saint-Barthélemy

An introductory course to Astronomy made up of 10 theoretical and practical lessons. Once a week (days to be confirmed).

26-28 March – “Galilean Nights”

Public observation evenings – A journey to discover the Solar System, following the steps of the scientist from Pisa : observation of the moon, Jupiter and Saturn, Mercury and Venus and other splendid objects in deep space. Specialized public conferences will also be organized. The various distances between the planets will be illustrated using the “Sentiero dei Pianeti” (Paths between the Planets)

April: “Students seeing stars week” & “Scientific culture week”

Promoted by the Ministry of Education, University and Research – the date is still to be fixed. The Saint-Barthélemy Observatory will also involve the local schools.

 4 May – “The Night of the Red Moon”

Public observation evening to see the total eclipse of the Moon, visible in the early half of the night

21 May – “Venus hidden by the Moon”   

Our natural satellite covers the sky's most brilliant planet. Daytime observation for schools

8 June – “Venus eclipses the Sun”

Public event to watch Venus crossing the Sun - one of nature's rarest and spectacular sights. Public observation possible. On-line links with various media web sites.

25-27 June – Archeo-astronomy Course

Theoretical and practical course illustrating the Aosta Valley 's most important archeo-astronomical sites. Held by Guido Cossard .

26-31 July – Astronomy Summer School

Saint-Barthélemy – course on practical astronomy for teachers in one of Europe 's best-equipped observatories. One week of after school for teachers, professional refresher course and for star gazing education.

10-15 August – “Night Stars”   

European initiative for increasing information about astronomy during which the Saint-Barthelemy Observatory will introduce tourists to the subject with several evenings observing the Perseids and other jewels in the summer sky.

17-19 September – “Saint-Barthélemy 2004”

Saint-Barthélemy – the 13th edition of Italy 's oldest Star Party run with the help of UAI. This edition will be dedicated to the Moon, its observation over time and up to date views afforded by satellites and 35 years of space travel.

October – November – Course in Astronomy at Saint-Barthélemy

A course of 10-theoretical/practical introduction to astronomy lessons. Once a week (days to be confirmed).

16 October – National anti-light Pollution Day.

This is the eleventh occasion to get the general public involved in the problems created by the ever-increasing pollution by artificial lighting.












































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