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Astronomy is one of the most ancient and attractive sciences and also the most cross-discipline.
Astronomy can be used to teach Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry and also Literature, History and Philosophy.

As the Astronomical Observatory of the Autonomous Region of the Aosta Valley is well aware of the importance of teaching astronomy to schools it has been equipped for day time as well as night time visits with the aim of stimulating all levels of students.

A day time visit introduces the planet's movements, orientation, it observes the sun and gives an overview of the Observatory's instruments.

An evening and night visit allows the vision and analysis of the stars in the sky, the identification of the main constellations and planets and the direct observation of particularly interesting astronomical objects.
All activities are carried out with the presence of specialised personnel.

The Observatory's instruments and its huge natural laboratory of the Universe is ideal for specific research and teaching.

The Observatory organises didactic courses specifically for students and teachers who intends to carry out particular research projects.

Finally, every now and then professional courses for teachers are held, organised with the Italian Union of Astronomers and authorised by the Ministry for Education, University and Research.
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