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:: the instruments .. accessories for instruments

The Observatory has a wide range of CCD cameras:

. Six CCD FLI cameras Pro series with Kodak 1001E 1024x1024 pixel sensor;

. A CCD FLI camera, Pro series, FLI--FL-PL3041-1-BB Class 1 model back illuminated, 2048x2048, pixel size 15 micron;

. A Moravian CCD camera, GS-3200ME/5 model;

. Two Mintron CCD Deep Cam with 1/2 ", dimensions 7,95mm x 6.45mm (768x494 pixel), 8.4micron x 9.8 micron pixel size;

. Four MAGZERO MZ-5m CCD cameras, with MT9M001 monochrome screen sensor, 5.2 x 5.2 pixel size;

. Two SBIG-STV cameras.


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