.. introduction
.. the main telescope
.. instruments' accessories
.. astronomy balconies
.. sun observatory

:: the instruments .. astronomy balconies

Two balconies with electronically controlled ceilings that can be opened to the sky are situated south of the main cupola, measuring about 20 metres each. They contain a wide variety of astronomical instruments either for teaching or for astronomers.

The teaching balcony
Seven 250 mm f/10 telescopes in Cassegrain configuration and German equatorial mount.
They all have an automatic sighting system and can, if necessary, be manoeuvred by a single operator connected to the local network.

The scientific reseach balcony
The following equipment has been installed:

. A 400 mm f/8 R-C reflector on fork mount;

. Five reflectors 400 mm f/8.4 RC, Offica Stellare, devoted to the research project APACHE "A Pathway toward the Characterization of Habitable Earths" to search Extrasolar Planets. http://apacheproject.altervista.org/
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